Weld County Commissioner Steve Moreno

"Kevin was able to strengthen the communication lines with our municipalities and leada regional approach to many of the infrastructure issues challenging our communities.  I cannot think of anyone more qualified and suited for the role and I fully support his run for Commissioner."

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

"Kevin is a true leader that will keep Weld County moving in a positive direction."

Weld County Commissioner Mike Freeman

"Kevin proved his great leadership qualities while serving as Weld County Commissioner in 2020.  I believe he is the most qualified and absolutely the right choice to represent Weld County.  I fully support him for county commissioner."

Weld County Commissioner Scott James

"Kevin is the common sense conservative Commissioner that Weld County deserves. Kevin's vision and understanding of infrastructure needs will help position our county to handle the doubling of our population that is expected by 2045. Kevin knows how to find solutions that will help with the water issues and transportation issues that are facing us. I fully support Kevin Ross for Commissioner at Large and ask you do the same."

State Senator John Cooke

"Kevin has proven himself to be a fiscally conservative leader. He naturally understands budgets and has ensured that the county remains the only county with no debt."

Weld County Assessor Brenda Dones

"Kevin is a proven leader who studies the issues, makes logical decisions and stands up for what he believes.  He will be highly effective at promoting Weld County values and he will be a strong voice for future."

State Representative Dan Woog

"Kevin Ross is a proven leader for Weld County. He has demonstrated this as a small business owner, Mayor of Eaton, and a Weld County Commissioner. He has always upheld Weld County values and has stood up to Jared Polis' agenda which directly attacks Weld County businesses and residents. I have worked with Kevin over the years and do not doubt that he truly cares for Weld County Residents. I fully support Kevin Ross for Weld County Commissioner."

Logan County Commissioner, Candidate for Senate District 1 Byron Pelton

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kevin at Colorado Counties Inc. He always puts his constituents first when making decisions and is very passionate about protecting agriculture and oil and gas. That's why I endorse Kevin Ross for Weld County Commissioner!"

Former Mayor of Greeley Tom Norton

"Kevin Ross is by far the most qualified candidate for Weld County Commissioner.  I have worked with him as Mayor of Greeley, and he was Mayor of Eaton.  His hard work and tenacity helped develop the transportation system for rural northern Colorado as well as the upgrading of the interstate system.  It is my belief that Kevin is the person for the job."

Mayor of Evans
Brian Rudy

"Kevin has proven through his actions as Mayor of Eaton and County Commissioner that he is dedicated to Weld County and its citizens!!!  I fully endorse Kevin Ross for County Commissioner and feel the county will be in great hands with him in office!"

Greeley Mayor John Gates

"Kevin will be a great county Commissioner.  I have collaborated with him on many issues over the years.  He prepares diligently without exception and will represent his constituents in Weld County very well." 

Windsor Mayor  Paul Rennemeyer

"Kevin Ross is a great man who lives his life with conviction and integrity, and he has already proven himself to be a quality leader in Weld County.  I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Ross to be Weld County's next Commissioner."

Eaton Mayor Scott Moser

"I have had the privilege to serve with Kevin Ross and have always known him to be a principled servant.  Kevin has the experience and conservative values that we need in a candidate.  It is without reservation that I endorse Mr. Ross for Weld County Commissioner at Large."

Fort Lupton Mayor Zo Stieber

"Weld County is one of the strongest in the State of Colorado because we elect sensible leaders who are willing to advocate for what's right.  Kevin Ross has the experience in financial matters and local government to carry that tradition to new levels-exactly the right person for the job.  I'll be voting for Kevin, and I invite you to think for your future and join me!"

Mayor of Johnstown Gary Lebsack

"Kevin has a passion to serve his community.  As the Mayor of Eaton to an appointed county commissioner Kevin has served with a real concern for the people he represented.  I know Kevin will do a great service to the people of Weld County.  That is why I wish to endorse Kevin Ross for Weld County Commissioner At-Large."

Mayor of Severance Matt Fries

"Kevin has the experience to hit the ground running and immediately go to work keeping Weld County the best county in Colorado!"

Mayor LaSalle Andy Martinez

"Having served on the MPO Council with Kevin and getting to know him as a fellow mayor, I believe he will always do what's best for Weld County and help lead our county with integrity, vision and strong conservative leadership.  Join me in voting for Kevin Ross Weld County Commissioner at Large."

Evans City Councilman
Mark Clark

"I fully endorse Kevin Ross for County Commissioner at Large.  He is a proven leader who will fight for your rights and fight for Weld County.  He'll fight against Democrats in Denver and ensure Weld County remains a place where businesses thrive and freedom rings."

Mayor of Milliken Elizabeth Austin

"Serving on the North Range MPO with Kevin Ross, I observed firsthand that he works well with team members and municipalities, as well as demonstrating his abilities as a quality leader.  Kevin supports Weld County values and is a strong advocate for the oil and gas industry that is so important to Weld County.  I support Kevin Ross for Weld County Commissioner At Large."

Mayor of Kersey Gary Lagrimanta

"Kevin worked hand in hand with us in Kersey as Mayor and as Commissioner.  He understands that it requires many communities working together to solve our challenges. "

Mayor of Mead Colleen Whitlow

"Kevin has been steadfast in his support of our men and women in uniform.  He continually makes sure that law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to keep the public safe and secure."

Former Greeley City Councilman Michael Fitzsimmons

"I endorse Kevin Ross because he will work hard for the people he will serve.  He has a proven track record and I believe he is the best candidate for the position."

Former Weld County Commissioner Bill Jerke

"I support Kevin for his business background, municipal leadership and his transportation planning experience!"

Former Mayor of Evans John Morris

"From small town needs to big city businesses and rural community struggles to state transportation complexities, Kevin has proven his knowledge and ability to work with everyone to find the best solutions.  These are but some of the reasons I am endorsing Kevin Ross for Weld County Commissioner At Large."

Town of Ault Trustee Butch White

"I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin when he was Mayor of Eaton and as a County Commissioner.  He is a true leader that will keep our Weld County values in the forefront as a county commissioner."

Fort Lupton Mayor Pro Tem Chris Ceretto

"I have been fortunate to get to know Kevin in his public service over the past few years. While serving as County Commissioner.  His communication and collaboration were welcome and reassuring.  I am honored to endorse him and look forward to working together once again."   

Firestone Trustee Don Conyac

"Kevin is a man of character and integrity.  As soon as you shake his hand, you know you have found someone who means what he says and does exactly what he says he will do.  Kevin is an ardent defender of Weld County against the state bureaucrats in Denver, his past work as a Weld County Commissioner is proof of that.  His work on defending the oil and gas industry to making sure that Weld County will have the water it needs for the future are but a few of the issues Kevin has tirelessly worked on.  You can trust that he will continue to work for Weld County.  I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin Ross for Weld County Commissioner."

Greeley City Councilman and Former Weld County Commissioner Dale Hall

"As a former County Commissioner, I understand what it takes to work for the betterment of our citizens and to keep our great county operating without debt.  As a current City Councilman for the City of Greeley I worked with Kevin when appointed to the Commissioner's position by the County Council.  I found him very dedicated to the citizens of Weld County."

Former Weld County Commissioner and Former Mayor Pro Tem of Milliken Julie Cozad

"Kevin is a dedicated public servant who has critical relations with Weld's citizens, municipal partners, CDOT, agriculture leaders, and local business owners.  He is committed to our county's long-standing philosophy of fiscal responsibility, ensuring that Weld stays debt free and operates with limited government principles!"

Lynn Fagerberg - Owner, Fagerberg Farms

"Kevin grew up on his families' farms and has a great understand of the many issues facing agriculture producers in Weld County.  Kevin worked tirelessly as a county commissioner to protect and stand up for our industry.  As commissioner he will continue to stand up for us by protecting us against overreach from the state and continuing to innovate in the water storage and supply arena."

Randy Miller - Owner, Miller Cattle Feeders

"Kevin is the most qualified leader running for Commissioner.  He thoroughly understands the water issues and constraints facing cattle feeders in Weld County.  I fully endorse him for Weld County Commissioner."

Town of Erie Trustee, Brandon M. Bell

"Kevin Ross is the textbook definition of a grassroots candidate.  Kevin served Weld County well when he was appointed to an open seat on the Board and was instrumental in keeping businesses open during the pandemic.  Kevins has fought for farmers, ranchers and ensuring Weld County maintained energy independence.  Having previously served on the Board, he is aware of the challenges Weld County faces with new growth and the need to improve infrastructure and will be prepared from day one on how to tackle them.  Kevin is the clear choice for the At Large seat on the Weld County Board of Commissioners."